3D Printers


GSPro series

A profound truth is hiden in the simplest, a man who has the power of understanding can get the profound truth from the simpplest.

We will do our utmost and try to produce a top performance of industrial SLA 3D printer when it is requested from a customer.  We continue to make breakthroughs by design, all our engineers including Electrical Engineer, Optical Engineer, Materials Engineer,Software Engineer and appearance designers, all the people in our team will try their best and give full play to their strong point. This is what you will get from us, an efficient and simple, clear and elegant, and which is your dream printer--Dargood.





      High Stability
Intergrated circuit design

        ● Install with famous brand of    
       Panasonic and Schneider etc,
       performwith stable and reliable.



High Accuracy


                          ● Special Gray Printing Technology, provide you with excellent finish

                          ● Reach or beyond the accuracy of injection molding, could match CNC technology

                          ● Light Spot Dia: ≤0.006-0.008 in (0.15-0.2mm)   Accuracy: ±0.004in (±0.1mm) L≤4in (100mm) or ±0.1%xLL>4in (100mm)