Advantages of SLA Priting model


1.  Appearence Design Testing

You can view and touch the printing model which is directly printed per the design other than just feel it throught the drawings. It is very helpful in the development for a new product. 


2. Structure Testing

The printing parts can be assembled, so you will understand if the structure is sensible and also have more sense on the complexity of assembling, it helps you to solve the problem from the begining of your design.

3. Tooling Testing

Since it's very expensive in tooling opening, it costs hundry thousands doors for a big mould, you will make a big lose if you find there's problems in the process when you opening the mould, so it's better to print your model out for testing before tooling.


4. Save much time

Since it takes time in making a mould, but you can print your product out for adverting before your mould is finished.It's good to your pre-sale promotion.