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Features and Application

                                              Nearly colorless, good balance of rigidty and tough, high dimensional stability.
                                              It is an ideal material for normal applications and models with fine surface and transparent visual simulations.


                                                                           •  Lighting components (Lens etc)
                                                                          •  Visualization of liquid
                                                                          •  Modeling of arts and exhibits
                                                                          •  Glasses, lenses, lampshades, lightboxes
                                                                                        •  Medical devices, equipments and lab stuffs
                                                                                        •  Manufacture and simulation test of transparent or clear parts
                                                                          •  Used in SLA machine with 355nm laser beam


Technical index

Attribute Unit ASTM Godart®Clear200
Molding feature -   High Transparent Acrylic
Color     Transparent 
Packing -   22lb (10kg) /barrel
Viscosity in 25℃ (Liquud) cps   245
Density in 25℃ (Liquud) g/cm3   1.12
Density in 25℃ (Solid) g/cm3   1.12
Tensile Strength MPa D638-14 41.56
Tensile Modulus MPa D638-14 187.5
Elongation at break % D638-14 9
Bending Strength MPa D790-10 Program A 75.95
Bending Modulus MPa D790-10 Program A 1740.56
Notched Impact Strength J/m D256-10 Program A 24
H.D.T in 0.45MPa D648-14 52
H.D.T in 1.82MPa D648-07 Method B 50
Shore Hardness Type D % D2240-05(2010) 83-85
Glass Transition Temperature(Tg) D6604-00(2013) 55
Water-absorption % D570-98(2010) 0.5

 Note:The operative temperature of Godart®Clear200 is 27±2 ℃,Storage temperature is 25±5 ℃.